Flash Drive transfer of the dr bob cd

The dr bob cooking team finally moves into the future with no CD media: transfer via flash drive memory in 2015.

The index.html file is the primary starting point for the cookbook and sketchbook and christmas card archive via a browser, but in the cookbook editions.htm page there is a link to the 2012 complete PDF cookbook which allows searching the entire recipe collection for ingredients, for example.

The sketch collection is accompanied by the index file with captions for most of the sketches, but you can also just open the folder of sketch files and see the large icons of the photos all at once, and browse through them.

Browsing of all the food photos linked to recipe pages is also possible by just going directly to the recipes/images folder. Extra food shots from 2002-2010 are located in the two drbobfoodphoto folders.

The storybook is also browsable but not kinked to the website. See its unlinked index file.

cduserman.htm: 25-nov-2015 [what, ME cook? © 1984 dr bob enterprises]