dr bob cd hype (what, me cd?)

JUNE 2002:
Finally dr bob has figured out how to put over 3 decades of dr bob crap on one cheap CD, with intentions of scooping a few more decades on top of the pile when time permits. If you have ever enjoyed any of this stuff during your association with him over the years, you can now have it all now for the same usual reasonable price: FREE.


Like many phases of recent information technology, CDs were increasingly phased out of our lives early on in the 21st century, but USB flash drives came to the rescue for the dr bob CD project, which was already finding itself too large to fit on a conventional data CD. However, due to a lack of demand for dr bob stuff, only a few of these were every distributed.

dr bob enterprises is a negative-profit organization dedicated to spreading a few smiles in a world that has to be confronted with some humor to help endure the continuing ugliness of the law-of-the-jungle run "civilization" we are stuck in (and which is increasingly threatened by climate catastrophe). At least by those of us still fortunate enough to be able to smile about life. May we not lose our compassion for those less fortunate.

cd or flash drive user manual

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