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If this were a blog, which it is not, it would have an "about" page to explain in brief terms just what this website is all about (hence "about" page,  get it?) It was born back in the paper era before the internet and the world wide web when bob was single and had more time on his hands. He liked to doodle whimsical creatures to capture something, anything, that could maybe generate a smile from someone else with his peculiar tastes. And as a single guy who grew up in the boring culinary days of lower middle class life in the 1950s (if we actually qualified as middle class at all), bob was experimenting with cooking and baking, mostly baking in the early days because of his love for desserts. So it seemed natural to combine the two activities for stationary that might actually serve a purpose, humorously illustrated recipes, which the magic of copying machines allowed easy distribution.

Then he got married and ani joined the adventure, pulling the balance back in a more healthy direction and adding more sophisticated execution skills and proper spicing technique to the mix as well as input from her Middle Eastern mom Isgouhi. Time for handcrafted paper based recipes declined sharply, but in the 1990s came the internet and late in the decade a late night surfing session popped up the domain name purchase idea, and bob grabbed the opportunity, while continuing his university based webserver platform for content. Soon after his first digital camera was acquired and the food porn era was born, with increasing power and food mode options until smart phones overtook the bulkier point and shoot cameras and allowed even more photo opportunities to pile up way too many food pic files on disk. When Facebook finally acquired bob as a user early in the 21st century, the food pics poured onto his timeline. A second life in Italy only exaggerated the problem.

So the main presentation of content is as an e-book cookbook which could be printed as a paper edition at upwards of nearly 800 pages without the photo section. After paper editions got sizable, it seemed like CDs were the only way to distribute individual copies effectively, and that eventually matured to flash drive transfer, which did not take off. The website is where it's at and where it will stay for a while, together with the sketching art gallery that proceeded in parallel fashion throughout the years, though now mostly confined to the annual christmas card production. As an alternatively to the bloglike chronological listing, there is the contents by category listing.

What about bob? [bill murray movie title]: just a run of the mill mathematical physicist and calculus teacher with a love for people, and what better than food to make connections?

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