ani's reawakening lemon nut cake

Once upon a time ms_ani spent 450 bucks for a 5 year subscription to 5 (not even politically correct) women's magazines without consulting dr bob. "WHAT?!" was the shocked response (shades of male chauvanist piggery? ... naahh.) Just to prove him wrong she found a lemon nut cake recipe in one of the mags and broke her 15 year hiatus in the baking department by JUST DOing IT.

Everybody loved it. Her family. Her coworkers. Even skeptical dr bob. But especially her family. After the first pair of cakes disappeared, they imprisoned her at home until she made another pair. Explaining her 15 year fabrication of baking inability.

bob sprung her and offered junior partner status on the cooking team. And equal status at the alter. Everybody lived happily ever after.


One thing though. The recipe got misplaced. Hmm.

anilemck.htm: 10-jun-2001 [what, ME cook? 1984 dr bob enterprises]