Part 1 recipes in the paper edition are reproduced directly from their originals (with some web alternative short versions and explanatory notes). On the CD edition these are reproduced as PDF scans, viewable with the freely accessible Adobe Acrobat reader.

Part 2 recipes are all generated from the easy (EZ) blank recipe format file recipez.htm whose style is explained in the annotated recipe blank file recipeb.htm.

The 2002 paper editions were created with 1 inch side margins and half inch top and bottom margins, printing the web page title as the centered headline, and the page number and page total for the web page paper pages as the centered foot line.

The 2004 paper edition was created with 1 inch margins with no foot line, printing the web page title left-justified in the headline, and the page number and page total for the web page paper pages right-justified in the headline. [Headline formatting: &w&bPage &p of &P] Since Microsoft puts the headline too close to the paper edge and does not allow the user to adjust this spacing, perhaps an eventual total shift down by 0.5 inch will put it an acceptable distance from the top edge. In 2004 a long term project to proof each web page and print to PDF was started but was still unfinished in 2006.

No more paper editions were printed. Later PDF editions were printed from MS Internet Explorer to Adobe PDF selecting the printe setup page header
   left: Title middle: Empty right: Page number X of Y
and empty footer, with 1 inch margins.

Pagination as explained in editions.htm occurs in the headline categorized by the double digit year of creation followed by the sequence number for that year, and the contents.htm recipe and file listing establishes the consecutive ordering of the contents. An alternative table of contents listing by food category is provided by contents2.htm, more useful for actually finding recipes.

format.htm: 16-nov-2021 [what, ME cook? 1984 dr bob enterprises]