persian basmati rice workshop

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the persian rice lesson for ani by afsaneh's mom. this version had its "tadjik" (pot bottom, the name for the harded rice on the bottom of the pot that becomes the top when flipped onto a plate) with boiled chicked combined with yogurt and saffron...? layered in right after the rice at the bottom.

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ani, afsaneh, mom

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to prevent the moisture from condensing on the pot lid and ruining the dish, this special cloth circle absorbs it. a towel will also do.

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finished product. the crusty tadjik part is on top after inversion. the rest of the rice just gets served loosely on a big platter.

2016 update.
Inspired by a visit with afsaneh, ani gives it a try again, but we don't have a pot that releases well the tadjik, so it is in pieces, but it has to be in pieces to eat anyway. The taste was good.

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