boereg (cheese filled phyllo)

Here are the bottom layers of phyllo dough sheets plus the muenster-feta-mozzarella cheese layer, using the alternating fold layering approach:

just out of the oven:

finished product:

This is the single cheese layer configuration. And halving the cheese squares diagonally made cheese triangles. A little cooking geometry.

We then moved on to the double cheese layer (halving the cheese mixture per layer of course) configuration. Here is one possible approach to layering:

Of course this is an exaggeration to show how the sheets are folded over each other to enclose the cheese. Not that it really matters since these are the short sides that are being closed up. Any way you can figure out to do this is good, but it does help bind together the layers by this wrapping method. Not that it really matters since once you cut the squares, most of the squares will have 4 open sides. This must be an example of tradition outlasting its original motivation.

Eventually we abandoned completely this folding nonsense and just put down layer after layer. And then moved on to only two layers of puff pastry instead, slightly rolled out to be a bit thinner than normal. Then individual squares folded over. Here are a few shots of these.

wow, what a closeup, the newer point and shoot really does the job (sometimes).

In 2012 we finally decided to try adding spinach.

Finishing requires a pair of slits in the top to let steam out without blowing out the seams, and ani brushes the outer surface twice with the milk to give it a nice golden shine when baked.

2 small zucchini, grated, added to the cheese mixture.

pretty good upgrade. will be repeated.

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