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French apple tart

ani and tart

guavaberry / lingonberry cheesecake

cheesecake pre-topping

Before adding the topping. Notice the marbled lingonberry preserves.

cheesecake post-topping

Final product, uncut. Looks like any other cheesecake.

cheesecake half

Final product, cut. Reveals the lingonberry preserve marbling.

cheesecake cut again

Final product cut. Better view.

cheesecake slice 1

Slice 1.

cheesecake slice 2

Slice 2. A little more attractive, don't you think?

a later digital image closeup of the marbled lingonberry effect.

guavaberry liqueur

Guavaberry liqueur.

pumpkin tiramisu

pumpkin tiramisu half

Pumpkin tiramisu half.

pumpkin tiramisu slice

Pumpkin tiramisu slice.This is a deadly dessert. Eat in small portions.


chocolate bottom cheesecake

Here is a one time experiment with a chocolate wafer bottom with a melted bittersweet chocolate layer and then the usual hazelnut cheesecake batter with tiramisu liqueur. Overkill. (Too rich.)


mango cheesecake

This mango cheesecake looked good but was completely mush: uncooked or unset or something unfortunate.

another tiramisu attempt

tiramisu 00
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