dulce de leche cheesecake: the upgrade

notice the marbled effect, which disappears under the sour cream layer, but reappears in each bite.

the caramel topping drizzling was a first time success. good presentation, even if it does not contribute that much to the overall taste.

the kick it up again version:

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a christmas trio for a gift and two dinners.

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notice the parchment paper that makes it easy to remove from the springform pan, and to cut pieces on a cutting board with a knive, as in this case (8 inch cake cut in half, then one half in half, then each of those quarters into 5 small "moderation" pieces. the darkened crust (chocolate wafer crumb addition) is clearly visible here.

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a 7 inch cake ready for transport in a round Rubbermaid container.

postmortem version

when you acquire a digital camera, there is little reason to be conservative about photo shooting. here we illustrate the marbling of the dulce de leche batter mix with the regular batter, the actual swirling being done with a butter knife.

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of course quite a few things end up in the sink, but bob prefers to wait until the end to clean up. ani was not around to inject her clean-while-creating philosophy.

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after baking, it is rather pretty, a couple cracks but no matter, it all gets covered by the sour cream topping.

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the drizzle effect quickly dissipates as the heat begins to liquify the caramel topping. leaving a ring of outer cake is a nice touch. it is slightly elevated providing a rim border for the topping.

chckddl06.jpg (50955 bytes)

this one goes right into the freezer until a later occasion after we return from our first weekend in NYC in nearly a decade. not visible is the Oreo chocolate cookie crumb crust on the bottom. we'll see how it survives hibernation.

To wake up the cake in a hurry, we try the ziplock back warm water immersion technique, repeatedly changing the water as it cools down.

chckddl07.jpg (52079 bytes)

It works.

chckddl08.jpg (72301 bytes)

bob tries to be fancy spreading some nutella on the plate before plunking down the slice, but the nutella proves to be overkill.

chckddl09.jpg (63190 bytes)

after decades of making cheesecake, bob finally figures out that putting parchment paper on the inverted bottom makes it a lot easier to remove the crust and cut slices, or even leave the cheesecake elsewhere without having to later retrieve the pan.

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