a nice pair

a pair of our best, half recipes in 7 inch pans: limoncello and guavaberry-lingonberry:

chckpair1.jpg (80145 bytes)

note the puffy tops as they exit the oven

chckpair2.jpg (75023 bytes)

notice the collapse of the puffy tops, and the ugly cracks on the left a few minutes later. no matter, the sour cream topping will cover it up.

chckpair3.jpg (76428 bytes)

next the clever idea of cutting and shuffling to take a sampler cheesecake to two destinations.

chckpair4.jpg (71588 bytes)

chckpair5.jpg (60237 bytes)

ready to go... except for the floss cut to 16  pieces apiece, best done before transport if the serving control factor is uncertain at the destination.

chckpair6.jpg (52856 bytes)

failed to capture all of the left pan in the first shot.

and a few days later... another nice pair

chckpair7.jpg (75649 bytes)

good ideas like to be repeated.

chckpair.htm: 24-nov-2002 [what, ME cook? 1984 dr bob enterprises]