dr bob cooking team cheesecake

This one is the limoncello cheesecake, but any sour cream topped cheesecake will look essentially like this. Note the starkly modern black and white ms_ani table setting.

cheesecake plus garnisher

dr bob cooking team garnishing consultant

All credit for these beautiful presentations goes to our garnishing consultant. She's the one holding the cake, not the eager consumer.

carrot cake cheesecake

cheesecake slice


No special effects photography here folks.

cheesecake cake

carrot cake cheesecake (cake)

The bigger picture.

cheesecake green

carrot cake cheesecake (st patrick's day version)

Image mastering going on here.

With the passage of a chunk of years, a little garnishing inspiration also occasionally strikes the cooking team itself. Here is an elegant food photo naturally framed by the black and white plate design on which it is sitting; the cheesecake appearance itself was calculated for maximum impact, allowing the underlying cake to show through around the sides and along a rim framing the topping, and kicked up with a simple drizzling of caramel sauce. The especial chocolate chip cheesecake of Christmas 2003. Only the circular cork heat pad lifting the cake up a bit on the plate betrays our inexpertness in food photography.

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