lasagna pistacchio and taleggio


Pistachio pesto, a bit stiff we should have added a bit more oil, next time. You can also buy this in Italian markets or online, but it is easy to make yourself.

Leeks are the secondary ingredient following the main ones of pistachios and taleggio.

The usual treatment.

Fresh whole wheat lasagna noodles.

Getting ready for assembly. Pistacchio crumbs plus parmigiano for the dry additives.

Fiur  hands are better than two. In our case, we were six (but mine are holding the phone.

The recipe called for just melting the taleggio into the bechamel. Next time we will try that since taleggio is impossible to easily divide up into little pieces.

Since the pesto was too dry, we forked it apart a bit. See that it is used sparingly.

Slowly building up what turned out to be 8 layers this time.

The noodle measuring and cutting/trimming tools. The hole marks the length of our current favored lasanga dish.

Ready to bake.

Just out of the oven.

The food setting on my Galaxy S10 seems to have a shallow focus zone. Too bad.

The automatic setting shot, a bit warmer colors. Can't transmit the taste though. This is really special, in part because it is such a contrast with traditional lasagna.

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