olive leaf pasta with zucchini and pesto

Notice the restrained use of pesto sauce in this dish. Never overwhelm pasta with sauce.

The next summer in Rome we impressed some guests with this bowl of pasta, using a mixture of strascinati and orrecchiette.

This is how ani cuts the zucchini.

This was a mix of strascinati and an open cavatelli pasta packaged together.

Another out of focus closeup.

and now for the green foglie finally

and finally the perfector and inventor of the recipe: ani and laura in Napoli with Capri on the horizon

Here is a later rendition with foglie di carciofo.

Remarkably we found (Severino) "homemade" strascinati at Whole Foods. Really big ones! And a bit expensive, but once for a special occasion we can splurge.

Enough said.

Apparently not. Here is the foglie d'autunno version, translating to autumn leaves, named for the multicolored pasta pieces, available on Amazon but made in Puglia by Castellana Rustic Italian Pasta (no trace of such a company on the web), imported by Source Atlantique in NJ.

Notice our new lightweight but very colorful pasta bowl from Pier 1 Imports.

Yet another pasta shape: strozzapreti. We love zucchini pasta with every shape!

Here is half rigatoni (mezzi rigatoni) without and with pecorino romano for an extra kick

And for submitting the abbreviated recipe to DelVerde Pasta we got a reward! Thanks, Meagan!
This also works with long pasta. We spiralized the zucchini and here is the result.
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