When we arrived in Amalfi in the famous central square in front of the church, we checked into our word-of-mouth (from the son-in-law of our tiramisu mom) little hotel on the second floor overlooking (and overhearing) the action, and came down to one of the outside seating bar areas for a late afternoon treat: 2 glasses of prosecco and complimentary potato chips. The weather for July was a miracle: balmy spring-like weather and this was the perfect introduction to the flow of people in and out of the main open air theater that is at the heart of the little town.

Hotel San Andrea Salita, run by two middle-aged sisters, and their family also owns the Pizzeria San Andrea across the square on the left of the Duomo Steps, which we were obliged to try, and enjoyed.

Behind the hotel is a small square (Piazza dei Dogi) where we had love pasta (pasta dell'amore) one evening and a little playful banter with the owner server Giovanni ( Risto' di Giovanni Rispoli). A little Italian goes a long way in this romantic little place known throughout the world.

Back to the prosecco. Chantal's husband Gianfranco was our first source for information about this delightful dry Italian sparkling white wine, and the toast at our own wedding was done with it. It's a great little treat in the summer as an aperitivo before an Italian inspired dinner, say outside on the patio. You can continue drinking it with the meal, why not?

Now on to limoncello, for after dinner!

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