simple strawberry topping

Sometimes a simple strawberry topping is just the right thing to top off a cheesecake, especially a strawberry flavored cheesecake. But it helps to start with good quality strawberries, like from a local farmer's market. In Italy they have such wonderful strawberries, typically smaller and less uniformly sized and packed with tasty red flesh. Although we started out in our career with strawberry topping, it was only late in our cheesecake story that we returned to our roots, while in Italy, for one of our annual cheescake parties, division Bove. The strawberries we worked with for our double strawberry cheesecake were remarkable.

Then inside...

So they cookon low heat which brings out their natural liquids, here shown in a nice granitium nonstick pan.

In thi scase we only added a tablesppon of lemon juice and no sugar since these were sweet without any extra added stuff. You might add a tablespoon or two depending on your taste and the sweetness of your berries. Maybe 30 minutes is all it takes to c\ook them down.

This is what that batch looked like.

This is what the topping looked like on the cheesecake.

and a narrow slice (lots of guests!).

A few years later with local Farmer's Market strawberries we duplicate the process.

Ready to start.

Cooking away in our Ballarini granitium nonstick pan, what a great product.

The finished product.


And the application. Rice and ricotta cheesecake.

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