pistacchio tiramisu

The first attempt, mild green color not coming through in the Nikon food mode color adjustment.

and the completed cake, whole, ready to serve.

the yellow color is not real.

Second attempt. Nice mild green color coming through this time.

The cocoa layer to touch base with the original recipe.

Notice the tight fit of the pieces and inserts. And below a more realistic color, okay a bit exaggerated.

The roughly chopped pistacchio topping.

And the inside view.

One last try for a single slice with good color.

And one piece to go for Penny next door. Good neighbors need to be appreciated.

The dr bob cooking school visits sister-in-law nora to give her the gift of tiramisu knowledge to satisfy her future needs herself.

The closeup, Thanksgiving 2016. Best ever.

In 2018 we acquired something from our friend Fabrizio we did not know existed: a square springform pan. 10 inch square. Makes it easy to cut a matrix of square pieces instead of a bunch of narrow wedges that have unstable pointed ends. We tried it, we liked it. So did our guests. Unfortunately there were not enough of them so we had a lot left over. Not a big problem. Even Ani likes this dessert.

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