miso glazed black cod

So we were out one afternoon to send a missing tax form to the IRS by registered mail, but duh...it was Veteran's Day, so the post office was closed. So we were near our closest Whole Foods (same zip code, we are customers since it was called Fresh Fields) and we needed milk for the next day, so we did a little food foraging. Whole Foods fish is generally more costly, but they have one or two people on duty dedicated to those fish. Fish are generally good for our diet, so we nosed around and found a new fish, new in the sense that we had never seen it before: black cod, on sale 12.99 a pound. The well informed fish monger explains it is really more like Chilean sea bass but in appearance looks like a black colored cod fish, hence the name. We are a bit skeptical of cod but lately have decided to give the fish the benefit of the doubt. However, sea bass has definitely gotten better press so we jumped for the chance to try something new. 2/3 pound for two since we are moderate fish eaters. So we ask how to prepare this and the fish monger seems really convincingly experienced with preparing it too, he suggests a miso glaze with some miso and soy sauce, go to the web for the details. Sure enough typing in the key words "miso glazed" and the Google Chrome autocomplete suggestions pop up the rest of the phrase "black cod". Hmm.

So we check out a few recipes online but they all have Japanese cuisine special ingredients and all we've got is the left over miso from one recipe already sitting in the fridge for months, and soy sauce that we rarely use. Ani decides to go with real simple, those two ingredients sparingly added to olive oil. On the way between the post office and Whole Foods, we'd picked up some yellow heirloom tomatoes at the local Wayne Farmer's Market from the same woman who sold us the Romanesco cauliflower the week before,  also sitting in the fridge, already designated for dinner, but to be incorporated into mac n' cheese instead of our usual pasta sauce. So a tomato red onion salad would round out the menu.

Meanwhile dr bob does math professor stuff except for the Romanesco dissection and the parmigiano grating, ani handles all the rest. As a chemist, she has the kitchen technique for executing ideas once planted. The whole meal comes together with a little Italian red wine to smooth out the final production output. The fish is delightfully tasty. Flakes apart in nice pieces, moist, and the glaze really brought out the flavor. We'll have to try this on other fish, given how rare black cod must be.


 2/3 lb black cod
1 t miso
1 t soy sauce
1 T extra virgin olive oil
fresh squeezed lemon juice to taste


  1. Preheat the oven to 400° F.
  2. Mix the ingredients after the fish and marinate the fish in it. LIke 5 minutes since we were doing this in real time.
  3. Place on some parchment covered pan in the oven for  about 10 minutes. Check by touch to see if it is done, if that means anything to you.
  4. Remove from the oven and cover to let rest about 10 minutes.
  5. Squeeze some fresh lemon onto the fish when serving.


  1. Black cod has many names. Sablefish is one of them. Web searches invariably turn up miso glazed recipes.
  2. Our cauliflower mac n' cheese. [Actually Jamie Oliver's modified by a veggie switch.]
  3. Illustrations available..
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