Part 1

This first part is a product of old technology: hand printed recipes illustrated with whimsical ink line drawing single frame cartoon images of animal characters in human situations (collected in the dr bob sketchbook archive). Although bob always enjoyed creating such sketches, it was the crash with culture shock during his one year stay in Rome (1979-1980) that stimulated production. The idea of putting together the sketches into a little book-like collection came the next year in Munich (1980-81). Some of these images bob would photocopy for humorous letterhead decoration on old technology letters. Eventually it occurred to bob that instead of throwaway images with a short entertainment payoff, combining recipes with the cute illustrations would at least have the potential for providing longer term rewards for the recipient. Thus the dr bob international food newsletter was born, not seriously in terms of recipe quality of course, but over the years experience improved the product and the idea (1984, George Orwell's famous year) of combining them into a collection seemed natural, and easier than dealing with one shot recipes in the mail. This unfinished recipe collection slowly grew until the merger with ms_ani devoured the free time that had previously been devoted to the drawing and hand lettering activities, although the draft collection continued to grow with the new cooking partnership. Later finding this home on the world wide web that intervened in the meantime.

2012-04-09 7.8 MB PDF 600dpi scan of original handprinted edition from the early 1990s: ..\drbobcd_pdf\whatmecookpart1.pdf

Hand printed front matter from original part 1 cookbook: part1\frontstuff-old.pdf.

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