a cookbook not for real cooks
but for those of us willing to fake it


"What, ME Cook?"


a reasonably priced compilation
of previously free of charge
dr bob international food newsletters
that somehow turned into
a quirky
lifetime cooking diary project
realized as not quite a food blog

bob jantzen and ani sarkahian

2021 edition

about the authors

The dr bob cooking team is a small but select group of unimaginative amateur cooks whose only secret consists of a grade school reading knowledge of the English and Italian languages and a huge collection of cookbooks chosen mostly on the basis of their big glossy recipe illustrations when not received as outright gifts, supplemented by women's magazine food specials snatched on impulse from supermarket checkout racks, and various cooking magazines from similar sources and subs. The world wide web of the 21st century has given a platform for this last century pre-blog-organized collection of recipes and stories, hoping not to be casual road kill on the information highway.

dr bob ms_ani
phd in physics ms in chemistry

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