preface I: why this cookbook

We know what you're saying. Aren't there already too many cookbooks on the market? Sure, and we've got lots of them. In fact we're so overwhelmed by our cooking library, we can never decide what to make. The one thing that strikes us about cookbooks is that they are all written by cooks and are usually about as interesting to read as the telephone book. After all, who needs cookbooks the most? People who are not cooks. [Since these words were penned, the increasing popularity of cooking in the information age has led to a marked improvement!]

That's where we enter the picture. We think food should be entertaining. Not only eating it or preparing it but even just thinking about it, which is what you do when you browse a cookbook. We are not cooks, but so what. If we can fake it, so can you.

All recipes in this collection have been kitchen tested and many highly complimented by friends and relatives and occasionally even by people under no obligation at all to say good things about everything we make. When not entirely fabricated by whatever combined culinary talents we are able to claim (often), these recipes are given our special touch. They are few in number and sometimes carefully chosen, many finding their way into this volume by pure chance, but standing together as a representative sample of what those of us noncooks can do with or without the help of the experts. We hope somebody enjoys them, otherwise why would we be doing this?

whythis.htm: 1-aug-2001 [what, ME cook? 1984 dr bob enterprises]