dr bob Instagram sketchbook

Starting in August 2018 dr bob started releasing his sketches (from the full collection and auxiliary collection) onto the unsuspecting public after joining Instagram to view the beautiful photos of two close friends with serious photography hobbies. Each posting required thinking up catchy captions to accompany these questionable works of art.

dr bob, mathematical physicist and people collector, doodle artist and foodie

It's not Christmas, but it's about time I gave away some sketches while I am still able.

"Macaroni! ...uhm... macaroni! Questa e' roba di carattieri. Io nu' mangio macaroni, io so' americano."
[from a famous Alberto Sordi Italian film "Un Americano a Roma"]

dr bob, born in the same year as Alfred E. Neuman: "What, me worry?"
[okay, Mad Magazine was born then, AEM 2 years later.]

the dr is in. dr bob, failed sketch artist. More crap to follow.

It's about time. [Cats and rats, trash affinity.]

It's about time. [bird version]

You don't need GPS to find Philly. Amici, take the direct flight from FCO to PHL!

Oops, cheesecake overdose. [Sandra Boynton influence here, but a very different hippo style from her wildly different greeting card empire image. Boston's Fanuel Hall stuffed animal inspiration circa 1982.]

Eager students are a teacher's wet dream.

Cake high diving, scoring by the numbers.

Ulterior motives.

Shy suitor?

Eager flower delivery.

A difference of opinion. [Or "who's for dinner?"]

altramente la prossima sigaretta tua potrebbe essere l'ultima.
[NO SMOKING otherwise your next cigarette could be your last...]
Disclaimer: we don't think smoking warrants capital punishment...in fact the sentence is long term.

Second thoughts... [Don't do it!]

Go fly a kite?

"Apple pies? Who needs 'em?" [Taste is subjective.]

rat of way. [right of way, rat style...get it?]

Easy moose cake.

cat waiting for cake to cool. frascati wine already done.

beauty and the beast, hippo style? [ms ani and dr bob, 1991]

who, me?

Casio watch wearing cat, already drunk on spiked milk?
[Only us old timers would remember the shape of a glass milk bottle.]


Murano souvenir, keeping US time. [photo, not shown]


Il bacio. Love triangle, toddler style. [photo, not shown]

Cupid American style.

Tub shower, interrrupted?

Party cats.

800 pound gorilla. 16 oz chocolate chips. Lopsided pairing?


Amateur food porn. [photo, not shown]

carrot cake or a carrot? the choice is obvious. [perhaps not healthy, but definitely more satisfying.]

Say "Cheese"?

light bulb loneliness.
[old alternate title: 100 watt solitude, but now in an LED world, who will know what 100 watt bulbs mean?]

a close call.

Close enough ... for a chicken. [Can anyone think of a better caption?]

dr bob once shared an office with Sister Rita... a positive influence.

chef and sous chef marriage partners, you can guess which is which in this kitchen...

We all need a little encouragement once in a while... [reluctant cook?]

maybe a little Dancing With the Stars will help me lose some of that creeping midlife waist measurement... [fortunately not dr bob's problem]

garbage cat. [get it, garbage can, garbage cat, only one letter different, yuk, yuk. oh well.]

Who ever said dogs are lazy...?

Happy Halloween?  Boo?

Line up to VOTE! November 6, 2018. The world's future is at stake.

Controlling the USA northern border against unlawful intruders.

It is human to always be searching for something elusive…but usually we don’t find it in the places we think to look. ---dr bob , philosopher not 

If only the people who are really watching us had the innocent motives that Santa has… 

Not everyone is on the same page about the holidays...

Love has no borders.
El amor no conoce fronteras.
L'amore non conosce confini.

We don't always get what we want for Christmas...

A big hug to everyone who has touched our lives in a positive way from our two hearts to yours.

New Year's Day 2019! After the party's over, return to daily routine NOT!
[We academics are on winter break!] Note the trademark dr bob Casio geek watch.

Saturday a few days before Christmas 1979 at Roma Termini, train arriving for departure to points south, boarded before even coming to a halt by anxious workers from southern Italy going home for the vacation knowing there are not enough seats for the waiting crowd. dr bob going to Napoli, helps a young lady grab a seat, suitcase through the window.

We may be descended from the apes, but we've come a long way, baby. [At least some of us, that is. Others, not so much.]

The dr bob cooking team tries to pressure cook a rubber chicken? 

Analyzing the forces at work on a walking cat in motion versus a standing cat fixed in position on a rotating platform, illustrating centrifugal and Coriolis-like forces on a nonscientist volunteer.
Oops, did he get the right hand rule direction wrong? 

Wing walking ant gives pause to beer drinking pachaderm at the bar. 

In spring thoughts turn to the birds and the bees... 

bob and ani getting into the Easter spirit... 

A few days late for this year, but way early for next year. Mom's deserve appreciation whenever. 

physics postdoc humor at UNC Chapel Hill circa 1979. drink lubricated social interaction, USA university student style. 

The trouble with spaghetti? 

Chez Ani presents: whole wheat orecchiette with Romanesco cauliflower, pesto (with garlic!), fiori di zucca, walnuts and parmigiano served with a flavorful but incredibly cheap dry rose' wine to help it go down, produced at home in a kitchen that hardly deserves that name it is so small. 


Food porn star! Super flavorful, wow food: disco di frolla ricoperta da frito sottile di funghi trifolati, con mousse di ricotta di pecorino e tartufo scorzione su zabaione al pecorino. by far the best truffle dish bob ever tasted. this restaurant is worth a visit just for this alone, but everything else was sophisticated, innovative and tasty. https://www.thefork.it/ristorante/sfrigolo/378911 

Samurai cake tester. {in memory of John "Samurai Futaba Full" Belushi] 

bunny math. 

Birthday surprise cream pie in face 1981. conspirators: michele and bob. target: Uli. [RIP] 

Wine folk are obviously more sophisticated than beer folk [except when they are not!] 

Why are some of us so turned on by closeup pasta shots? What makes food porn work? 

American sini kufteh = Lebanese kibbeh bil sineya [many variations of spelling!] traditional diamond scoring design of a marvelously tasty dish created with love by isgouhi for her family.

40 years ago I had no clue what Nike represented or that eventually UNC Chapel Hill would be so in bed with this company, but the rat seems to have been a foreshadowing of this corruptive influence of big money in university sports.

"Sitting on something big..." [American idiom]

Man's best friend is easily pleased.

Man's other friend, not so easy to please...

Dogs are easy to please, cats...they always seem to be have something devious in mind.

Only 53 shopping days till Christmas. Time to start getting into the holiday spirit.


Big Data knows if you should be on the good list or on the naughty list. Only 46 days left till Christmas. Still time to justify being rewarded by a gift...?

Thanksgiving USA 2019. One that got away...

UN issues special report on Climate Change 28 days before Christmas 2019 but who's listening? Meanwhile not only the polar bears are getting inconvenienced up at the North Pole... 

Santa off season or the North Pole 2050? 

Creative block. It happens to most of us...at least once in a while. 

In this pandemic situation, hoarding is not nice, people. 

Circus bears don't deliver pizza? 

Artist block. Sometimes the idea just won't come.

Strawberries and Cream liqueur...use wisely. [Strawberry velvet cream dessert slows down the alcohol intake.]

the absence of meat rather than the presence of vegetables. 


to do

Not seeing the forest for the trees. [translation: often we need to appreciate the big picture to understand what is happening around us.] 

Like many others in this pandemic we are home wondering when we can invite friends again, but unlike many others, we have these lovely cathedral windows letting the sun into our lives most of the day, ironically forming a large cross, the only townhome among 190 some others where a wide fireplace chimney does not separate the two halves vertically, destroying not only the cross but the wonderful lighting properties of our unique configuration. Come visit when rhe time is again right, and experience it for yourselves. 

On-line film viewing instruction for some of us tech-challenged stay-at-homers during these corona virus days. 

Seems like a great repeat post given the celebration around the world this weekend. We need something positive to feel good about in the moment, even if the reality is that we are still mired in political gridlock that will prevent the necessary actions to address why we are in this mess in the first place. [Election Day Aftermath 2020]

Finally a white Christmas in Philly! 

Mice in the snow build a snow...mouse? 

The excitement of Christmas gifts is hard to match. Remember your inner child. 

Single friends and relatives need COVID care in this pandemic. Video chat them up if you can. 

We academics have an unfair advantage, i know, sorry, but i am enjoying this extra long winter break anyway. Merry Christmas.


Mice in the snow build a ...snow mouse?  
with snow balls?

Surprise attack!

bunny math?

Strawberries and cream liqueur...flavor your cheesecake or just suck it down directly.

Marriage is serious business. But a sense of humor helps. 

Happy Easter?

All my bags are packed, I'm ready to go... I'm leavin' on a jet plane... 
[Okay, maybe just a train since long distance Easter travel is discouraged this year.]

Peter. Paul and Mary sang the iconic version of this John Denver tune.

Thursday before Good Friday...the Last Supper. 

Those birthdays keep on coming no matter how hard you try to fight them off. 

Drinking may not be the answer, but if you don't ask a question, why quibble about answers.... 

When you're traveling it pays to have a travel companion who is a good navigator. 

There's one in every crowd... the nonconformist. [Fortunately! Diversity rocks.] 

A science guy takes a selfie.
or: "the many sides of dr bob"
or: "bob ad infinitum" 

You might have heard the expression "he put his foot in his mouth" . We all do it occasionally. This is dr bob doing it. 

Casio water resistant calculator watch, the geek watch of choice for discerning geeks, a 40 year tradition for dr bob. [Former milk drinker] 

Two versions. Not seeing the forest for the trees. We are all clueless birds sometimes. Missing the big picture because we are trapped in the details. 

bob admits to using 3 lb weights for his shoulder exercises. Wimp city. 

Mom...doesn't get enough respect for a difficult unpaid profession. 

What is so comforting about pasta for some of us? [mezzi rigatoni with zucchini flowers] 

Ever heard of a hare raising tail? 

77 shopping days till christmas? 



If only we could rub a magic lamp and have our wishes granted. Instead we have to figure things out the hard way. 

Family time potato head style. Happy Thanksgiving 2021 to all fans of whimsy. 

Ball shaped bumble bee surprised to be in flight in spite of aerodynamic handicaps? 

They say beavers slap their tails as a warning, but they don't say anything about beavers with a flower and a tophat. Mixed signals? 

Merry Christmas and/or Happy Holidays to all those people put there who have enriched our lives with their kindness and friendship. 

The dr is in ... (the can). 
[It's about time 2.0]

1977 pony tail sporting mr bob wearing cat sun glasses...100 percent UV protection
[In fact full spectrum blocking] 

Sometimes odd couples make the best friends.

Maybe shoveling down cheesecake right off the pan is not the best idea...but it does earn points for enthusiasm.

Any ideas for a good caption for this, or better cat thoughts? Cats versus rats, an age old story. 

Samurai cake tester.
Cheesecake, of course. Inspired by John Belushi, SNL sketch. RIP.

Land sharks typically reject mask mandates...
[For those of you who are not part of the older American TV culture, land sharks were a pair of skits on SNL, the Saturday Night Live show in its early days. a

Quote from 1950s TV show "The Lone Ranger". 

Jailhouse food excitement (probably not approval) 

Chocolate chips working out? Are Baci adult chips? Or are chocolate chips baby Baci? (Perugina product: dark chocolate ahead of its time.) 

Lazy bats wear gravity boots?

Attraction seems to be a widespread animal thing, but we humans make it pretty complicated.

The age old question: wine or beer? Or is it the eternal competition: cat versus mouse? Or is it a parallel combination of contrasting actors in an infinitesimal spot in an unfathomly immense universe? Or just an enigmatic doodle sketch by a much younger dr bob, resurrected fior new life in a new century? Too many questions.

Now they say wine in moderation is not good for us, the less the better. April 2023 update. 

Things don't always turn out the way you'd planned... in life as well as in the kitchen. 

When things are looking bleek, diving into a rich dessert may not be the answer... Especially if done literally. 

Sore losers can be unpredictable.

Never trust a black hole?

Tiramisu means "pick me up" in Italian! Visit drbobenterprises.com for the original and tasty variations of this classic dessert known around the planet while less than a half century since it took off.

Pool shark?


Making tracks? Duck work? Caption suggestions?

I copied this from Mad Magazine in the late 1960s but i think the statute of limitations on copyright infringement has run out by now? Do any instagram users even know what Mad Magazine is/was? Or that it was born the same year as me? Too many questions.

"Please don't smoke" illustrated on Rome in 1979, but maybe the death penalty is a bit harsh. Original caption: Please don't smoke ... or your next cigarette could be your last...

"I know you're getting older, but is drinking really the answer?" Pre1970 original mr bob birthday card sketch ( became dr bob in 1978). The answer is yes, but in moderation.
["You may be getting older, but is drinking really the answer " was the original caption, but at my age my short term memory is failing.] 

Heavy cheese cake casualty.
This is one of my favorite sketches, 4 decades old. Sharing it now while I still can? 

Gone are the days of wolfing down cheesecake. Now it's once a year small portion, if that. Life evolves. 

Why is it so easy to find excuses not to exercise? 

bHear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil. Biden Israel policy. 

Bunny, hopeful, with daisy.

Bunny, slightly diffident, with egg.

Unsuspecting slugs meet Bad Santa. 

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