dr bob storybook

Back in high school bob wrote quite a few wierd little tongue-in-cheek short stories, most of which he gathered together into a senior English class project entitled Schitzoid Digression. A few other stories followed in the decade after graduation. Some of these are reproduced here.

bob met karin, an older woman (by one crucial year), at Presbyterian summer camp in rural NY State between 10th and 11th grades (summer of 1968, Woodstock minus one), where by some stroke of fate, the "older" division failed to separate as planned from us younger campers. Memories of Cream Wheels of Fire and Disraeli Gears playing in the common meeting area still remain from that week of (platonic) friendship that turned into a prolific penpal exchange lasting several years and incorporating wild silly fantasies in story form. Schitzoid Digression was done in the spring of 1970, senior year at Goshen High School, turned in as an English class special project, and then continued afterwards through spring 1971 in freshman year at Princeton. Good thing bob did not pursue this junk writing style. But one can read between the lines about the times.

Then a few stories through college and later in Italy.

Schitzoid Digression

The Live Adventures of Captain Amerika
Another exciting Cerealization of fantastic exploits and stuff
The Ogre what Lived in a Hill
a dull tale
The Bridge Troll and other Taxes
Otis Eagle the Chicken Hawk
The Eklips
a documentary
On Adjustment
by Philo Kvetch
My Day in Court
the further adventures of Kaptain America
On the fate of the world by an involved bystander
a desperate note to an ally in the struggle to save the world
On the fate of the world by an involved bystander
a second desperate note to an ally in the struggle to save the world
On Mountain Lions
by Felig Prosner
Traffic Circles and Cars under the Dam
a moving story about Mortimer Milktoast's Visit to Croton-on-Hudson (including aan explanation about the dirty forehead)
Hello Mrs Littlefield
On Running into a Nazi Supertank on the Way to Work
and unexciting account of how I got rid of the squeek
No fun
by Mort Milktoast and others
Schitzoid Annex
Commiesadist and the Mortician Convention
a letter
Space Prune
another letter
Response to a Female Chicken Skin Victim (lovely) by a noted authority
or The Last Press Conference
The Snake Dilemma
Toad in the Poke
76 Trombones in the Rice Pudding
On the Subject of Daed Baers and Funerals
Idea Sheet. Unfinished Story
The Monster Yeast Piece
Which Way the Wind Blows
A Gnome Tale
(pronounced Guh-nom')
New Years Day
Why I Want to be an Invincible Frog
Have you Ever Been a Watermelon
What Do You Do When You Have Nothing to Do
Nice Gnome
The Princeton Experience Begins
As a Matter of Fact
Groin at the Chicken Brothel
Monkey Dirt
Dear Sarah

Rome 1981:

Happy Birthday (or The Appointment)

January Letter: Frustrations of Life in Italy

The Vatican at 3 MPH (or Son of the Cruel Shoes)