On the flip side, nearly a billion people suffer daily from malnutrition and hunger, and don't have the luxury of considering the nutritional makeup of what they manage to ingest. As the richer nations get richer, world hunger is getting worse according the the 2005 UN report (google it): The State of the World's Children 2005 Childhood Under Threat. 2.7 billion people live in poverty on less than $2 a day. Children don't deserve this, and neither do adults.

carbohydrates, abbreviated to carbs, the new US diet focus
* pictured: H2, the domestic Humvee SUV, still unarmored though, like many of the military models...
** broccoli, nutritious complex carb dissed by Bush1, who subsequently lost re-election. Bush2 apparently likes the veggie, and was re-elected.
*** Clancy from Pottery Barn Kids, on loan from nephew Shant

The Really BIG Events of the year (Bush2 again, Iraq) were just too crazy to be able to tackle in a positive holiday greeting card, even for the weird humor of dr bob. But please read a note from the American Friends Service Committee to President Bush for a reasoned plea to the right:
Don't expect it to make a difference.

Life Changing Event of 2004: After 11 years losing the battle against shower mold, bob finally
surrenders and acts on a mold-free neighbor's advice to wipe down the shower after each use.
[Illustration courtesy of "what, ME cook?" risotto recipe, only available currently on the dr bob cd.]
Of course more than a billion people still do not have access to safe drinking water...

water: the source of life... and sometimes death

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the 2004 post Christmas tsunami victims...
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