1. Intelligent Design, the Trojan horse of Creationism knocking
    at the door of Science.  Enough said.
2. Middle panel, small print conversation for aging eyes like ours:
    "Oops."  "Maybe not so intelligent..."
   The leg assembly on Frankensanta, get it?
3. Pisa, leaning towers and fairy tale Italian weddings.
    Another memorable marriage event, July 2005.
4. Divieto di sosta e di fermata = No Parking or Stopping
    Even at Night


      ani and bob with hovig and narin in Beirut

         ani and bob parked in the wrong place in Rome

                  in memory of
    all those whose lost at the roulette wheel of life
                  this past year

23-dec-2005: [ani sarkahian / bob jantzen]
dr bob enterprises 2005
[enhanced web version of card available]