xmascard 98: credits


  1. We never did send notes to those who took the time to write us last Christmas. We regret this. Once we are all on e-mail, this will be easier.
  2. A full page scan of page one shows how the actual markup page looks. Note the Post-it tape barely showing around the layout. Good enough to fool a photocopier, but not a scanner.
  3. More notes to follow.
  4. Several years later, more notes:
  5. We stole the bob&ani xmas photo from last year's edition and graphically altered it for this year.
  6. And resurrected the 1980 edition as a golden oldie treat.
  7. The Iraq embargo continues killing helpless civilians, mostly kids, and the world continues ignoring the mounting death toll.
  8. And dr bob became a dot com this year: drbobenterprises.com.

23-dec-1998: 1998 dr bob enterprises