* the rest of the world has enough problems just surviving day to day to worry about what year it is in whose calendar...
** as if there weren't enough issues of real substance to reflect upon at the turn of the millennium...
and in so doing we made our modest contribution to the economy of Sweden, a nation that by law prohibits from television all toy ads and food item ads directed at children---imagine that!
[hmm ... might not the WTO consider this a violation of its restraint-of-trade clause?]
¶¶ roman numerals, duh ..., finally we know what that letter on the sugar coated chocolate stands for:
it's millennium candy!

As usual we were remiss again this year in follow-up thank you notes, and in initiating dinner invitations to people we would really like to visit with. Let's face it: we are passive social lab rats, responding to outside stimuli but unable to initiate our own experiments most of the time. Push us a little!

{short description of image} {short description of image}
losing money like the best of the dot coms

but no internet crazed investors
throwing buckets of cash our way!
in memory of
all those who should have
made it to the third millennium
but didn't

23-dec-1999: [ani sarkahian / bob jantzen]
dr bob enterprises ©1999
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