limoncello cheesecake

This is one of our most repeated recipes. Born in Italy and perfected in Italy and the recipe used in the first of the very few dr bob cooking school workshops. For quite a few years the homemade limoncello of zia Irene from Puglia fueled our creations. Here are a few views of a full recipe made in the US. For this one we left a nice golden rim of cheesecake exposed for esthetic reasons.

The next few were done on the road, in Sabaudia, Italy. The crumb mixture was smoothed out with a fork, then tamped down with the bottom of a glass, then with a big spoon around the edges.

In an unfamiliar oven in Celsius units, we slightly overdid the surface, but the topping will nicely cover these brown spots. The aluminum foil keeps the butter from dripping onto the bottom of the oven. Looks like we used lemon peel in this one.

The finished product, with the usual toasted hazelnut crumbs as a finishing touch.

On our second attempt in the same kitchen a few weeks later, we did a 6 package recipe (50 percent more) for a pair of pans (9 and 10.5 in or 23 and 26 cm). Here is the larger one, much lower than above and in our opinion just right.

Here is the cutaway view of the smaller 9 in cake, which is described in detail in our 2010 updated recipe.

Our conclusion: do a half recipe in the usual 9 in (23 cm) pan for the best results, a lighter cake with better proportions of filling to topping and crust.

limoncloi.htm: 8-nov-2010 [what, ME cook? 1984 dr bob enterprises]